To start, I hate that title. It’s terrible, and horrible, and lame. It’s too long and a flat out lie.

JJ O’Brien is my favorite contestant from any season of The Bachelorette.

However, titles are really hard. Just ask anyone who has ever written a book, or named anything at all for that matter. Regardless, you get the sentiment I’m trying to convey, and that’s good enough.

Mere hours before America watches one of Nick’s castmates, Chris Soules meet the love of his life (hopefully), I still find myself intrigued by Season 10 Bachelorette Andi’s runner up.

During his stint on the ABC reality dating show hit, Nick was anything but a favorite of mine. As my friends and I gathered around the tv that first Monday night, I likened him to Mr. Tumnus from Narnia. As the season progressed, he became more than just the half goat man, but the creepy, stalker half goat man when he lied in order to sneak into Andi’s hotel. Nick and Andi dates were a time for my friends and I to half watch, but mostly catch up on what was going on in each other’s lives.

Let’s see, how can I make this more clear to you? I WAS NOT A FAN.

Now, many months post-finale, I’ve gathered more than enough additional intel to know there’s more to Nick than meets the eye, or rather more than what ABC producers let our eyes see.

Here are the reasons Nick Viall became a thousand times cooler after Andi dumped him.


After the Final Rose

Okay first off, don’t act like it was really that big of deal that Nick revealed he and Andi had sex in the fantasy suite. Like wow, omg, if you didn’t already know, that’s what typically goes down in there (unless you’re Sean Lowe, Virgin Bachelor, Perfect Man, Only Acceptable Adult Male Blond). I wouldn’t say Nick’s unfortunate slip of the tongue, and the drama that ensued, was enough to make me like him exactly. Instead, it was his response to the whole ordeal that really impressed me.

Nick immediately came under fire from a sea of women obsessed with reality television; he was villianized, and Andi victimized, by most. And in response to all the opinions of what he’d said in a moment of emotion and passion, Nick took the opportunity to do something much bigger than simply lash out or defend himself. Despite the fact that he was obviously still hurting from a very public break up, he wrote this incredible blog post for Sean Lowe’s blog, where he talks about how the greatest issue in what happened is that everyone thinks of sex as this inherently taboo subject when it shouldn’t be. He made a point of saying that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions on the subject of sex, but that regardless of those feelings, making sex a shameful subject is an issue that goes well beyond The Bachelor and it’s counterparts.

I am a huge fan of opening up dialogue on any and all subjects that others want to sweep under the rug, hide in the closet, or ignore altogether. Nick nailed it with his response, and his creepiness slowly started to subside.

Side note: I actually also thought his confrontation with Andi was perfectly reasonable and understandable. 


Bare with me as I explain. Bachelor In Paradise was a really great concept in that it helped me cope with the knowledge that I would never ever again see JJ O’Brien on my tv, and also any show where Chris Harrison makes stunningly attractive singles hand out roses is generally okay by me.

However, what was actually way better than watching BIP was without a doubt watching my Twitter feed full of former contestants’ live tweets. I love live tweeting. If I could make a living by live tweeting all my favorite shows, that is exactly what I would do, so I love other people who live tweet anything. Nick’s were without a doubt some of the best from the Bachelor bunch, and since his live tweeting skills were relatively on par with my own, I decided to really commit and follow him after the show ended. What I found: his sarcasm game is so strong and I love that.

Also he once retweeted me, and I am forever indebted for that. 


Nick Viall's Instagram

It’s as simple as that guys, he no longer looks like a goat man to me. He’s hella adorable now. How did this happen? Is it just the angle he takes Insta pics from? If so, teach me how to Instagram please.


JJ and Nick

If you read this post in its entirety then I am impressed. Also, if you did so you know JJ O’Brien is my favorite Bachelorette contestant, so maybe that makes this a really biased reason, but who cares, I’m in charge here.

Really though, a bromance done right just makes a guy really adorable. Maintaining a friendship over distance isn’t easy, and knowing the abnormal circumstances under which they met makes it really awesome that they’ve remained friends. But most importantly, if you go to Lollapalooza with JJ O’Brien and you tell him that he can be your Valentine’s Day date then you have mad cool points and I am jealous of your chill. REAL JEALOUS BRO.


There’s actually way more to it than that, but he wrote an advice piece for Bustle on how to get over an ex. While the other points have seriously great merit too, what really matters is that you just watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall over and over until you start to confuse yourself with Jason Segel and think that you have upgraded from Kristen Bell to Mila Kunis while your ex gets stuck with Russel Brand. Once you’ve watched it that many times, you are golden. You will not only have successfully gotten over your ex, but you will also promptly be admitted into a psychiatric hospital for evaluation after you approach Neil Patrick Harris to reminisce about the good ‘ole days of filming How I Met Your Mother.

No need to actually read his article now. That’s definitely what he said. Verbatim. Except not at all.

Seriously though guys, he’s apparently not a satyr/faun sort of creature with a penchant for stalking his lovers, and after actually reading the Bustle article, I felt inspired to throw together this quick list. Plus maybe it makes me seem less obsessed with JJ O’Brien. No, no it doesn’t really do that, but maybe he’ll pass this along and then we can all be friends and hang out and bake cupcakes and paint our nails and play truth or dare, and, and… Maybe we could do something a little more normal, or whatever.

What do you think? Who are your favorite and least favorite former Bach contestants? Were you a fan of Nick? What are your reasons? Still not a fan of him? Tell me why. Are you excited that The Bachelor is back tonight? Let me hear whatever you have to say in the comments below. 

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11 thoughts on “how nick viall became my favorite contestant after the bachelorette ended

  1. Great Post Antonoff.
    I was a fan from night one. Andi pegged him; so sincere and authentic. Still can’t believe she gave him up for a plastic prince. To each his own!! Carry on!
    All the best!


  2. I was also a fan from the beginning, he seemed authentic, funny, handsome, quirky and artsy. I thought they made an adorable couple and was shocked too with her choice. In the end, I think Nick will find his own perfect woman. I agree too – shock when Josh was chosen, where’s the sense in that?!


  3. Good article. I have been a fan of the franchise since 2002, and during Andi’s season, from the onset I was drawn to Nick – there was just something about him. I thought he was genuine, intelligent and quirky and ultimately he became my favourite. It made me so upset and sad to see how Andi treated him in the end, and her whole attitude during the finale, as well as the backlash Nick got thereafter. I just thought a lot of people don’t get him. I’ve since followed him and I’m glad he’s moved on from the whole thing very well. No doubt he will meet someone special soon (if he hasn’t already). All in all, the finale (as well as a few other things) and how everything went down just put me off the entire franchise altogether. I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again.


    • Colleen, thanks so much for your input. So nice to hear from all you Nick fans. But please don’t let what happened turn you off from the show entirely! Chris’ season started off great last night (:


  4. Great article and I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I am glad Andi didn’t pick Nick. She appears to be shallow, cold hearted, fake and a fame seeker.
    Chris is nice but Nick should have been the next bachelor in my opinion. Nick is handsome, classy, shy, quirky, family oriented, passionate and down to earth. If not for all of that, for the simple fact he was used and coldly dumped by Andi last season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Holly. I’m not one to judge Andi, but I too think Nick is better off with someone else, and also think both Chris and Nick will find the right person, be it on or off television. I loved hearing your input. (:


  5. JJ O’BRIEN’S PANTS. Also, while I can’t say I am an avid watcher of the show, in any sense, I did thoroughly enjoy reading this list. Especially the advice on watching “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Also I don’t know how unattractive he was before, but Nick is pretty smokin in those instas. He has my vote. (Not that the show works that way, and yes I do realize his season is over, but still, he deserves my vote).


    • seanmarie15, you are hilarious. There is nothing I love more than when someone I begged to read this post comments on it. You rock and everyone who reads this should also check out your blog. JJ O’BRIEN’S PANTS really says it all. Glad you enjoyed, and would vote for Nick if that was a thing. Personally, I now wish they’d make that a thing…


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