bachelorette 11: week 1

A dull and boring title to offset the insane level of excitement within the words of this post.

Sweet baby Jesus, where do I even begin?


In typical ABC, Bachelor fashion, the higher ups at my most favorite television networked forced fans to cancel two nights worth of plans all the find out who would even be this season’s bachelorette. That was brilliant and cruel on a million levels.

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it’s raining men (for kaitlyn + britt)


So, I know I’m a tad bit behind on this; I got a similar post for Chris’s season out the day photos were released, but whatever, I’ve been all over the place, and idgaf.

Despite my inability to be timely, I’m hella hype about this post. Why you may ask? Because I nailed Chris’s ladies without reading a single spoiler; just a quick look through pics and a few little facts and I had several of them figured out.

No, I didn’t guess he’d propose to Whitney in the end; I’m not sure if I noticed her at all in my first impression post, but I did pretty well.

What makes me even more excited about this post? They’re guys this time! Praise the Lord, perusing through a bevy of attractive men is so much more fun than a lineup of women who make me look like a bag of trash.

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sean lowe’s book

We all know I love The Bachelor, but what most of you probably don’t know, and may find hard to believe considering my current psychotic level of fanship, is that I honestly wasn’t a fan pre-Sean Lowe.

I watched a couple episodes during Emily’s season as The Bachelorette, and loved Sean, but I didn’t really buy into the show until he was the Bachelor. So naturally, when I heard he was writing a book, I shed tears of joy and happiness. Not exaggerating. Continue reading

the jj o’brien post

It’s been an entire week since my last post. I know, I know, I’m a slacker, but I promise I had a good reason for my lack of writing in the last week.

It’s pretty simple really. I’ve been so busy in the past week living the most beautiful adventure, that I didn’t have time to write it all down. Don’t worry, I was committing it to memory, and if you follow me on Instagram, I was also sharing quite a bit there.

So as I sat down to write today, I had every intention of writing about my five day trip to San Francisco in its entirety. But really, who can write anything before getting a quick social media fix? So naturally, I opened up WordPress on my laptop, only to reject it for Instagram on my phone instead. And then I saw this. Continue reading

prince farming week 2: as told by bachelor alumni

What a night last night!

The Monday of the BCS Championship game is always a tough one for me. My love of football makes me feel guilty, but somehow The Bachelor always wins out. This time, I’m am so glad it did. It’s only week two, and I think it’s safe to say this season may not be the most dramatic ever, but is guaranteed to be the most hilarious.

If you’ve read my post about former contestant Nick Viall, then you know I love Twitter. You know who else loves Twitter? Almost everyone who has ever been on the The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, so to recap this week’s episode, I’m getting a little help from all the fan favorites from the past. Continue reading

prince farming: week one

Don’t hate me for posting this on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I do what I want. Get over it. I’ll try harder next time to be a more timely blogger.

At the risk of it becoming a recurring theme, I’m going to again talk about my title before I actually talk about anything else.

I am personally more fond of Corn Pablo as a nickname for this season’s bachelor, Chris Soules, but it seems that people respond more positively to a name that doesn’t bring Juan Pabs to mind. Trust me, it’s not that I liked Juan Pablo at all, I just think Corn Pablo is hilarious and whoever came up with it is my new best friend. Called it. Dibs. We’re bff’s now whoever you are.  Continue reading

how nick viall became my favorite contestant after the bachelorette ended

To start, I hate that title. It’s terrible, and horrible, and lame. It’s too long and a flat out lie.

JJ O’Brien is my favorite contestant from any season of The Bachelorette.

However, titles are really hard. Just ask anyone who has ever written a book, or named anything at all for that matter. Regardless, you get the sentiment I’m trying to convey, and that’s good enough.

Mere hours before America watches one of Nick’s castmates, Chris Soules meet the love of his life (hopefully), I still find myself intrigued by Season 10 Bachelorette Andi’s runner up.

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