What a night last night!

The Monday of the BCS Championship game is always a tough one for me. My love of football makes me feel guilty, but somehow The Bachelor always wins out. This time, I’m am so glad it did. It’s only week two, and I think it’s safe to say this season may not be the most dramatic ever, but is guaranteed to be the most hilarious.

If you’ve read my post about former contestant Nick Viall, then you know I love Twitter. You know who else loves Twitter? Almost everyone who has ever been on the The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, so to recap this week’s episode, I’m getting a little help from all the fan favorites from the past.

Like I said, there was also a pretty important football game happening last night, and many a former contestant, specifically some of my favorite men, combined the two for a night of optimal television viewing, as well as ultimate tweeting opportunity.

Sean Lowe Twitter 1

Nick Viall Twitter 1

Brian Osborne Twitter 1

JJ O'Brien Twitter 1

Now that the masculinity of these former contestants has been established, let’s get down to business.

Things picked back up where they left off last week, with yoga instructor Kimberly begging to stay despite the fact America’s favorite farmer didn’t give her a rose at the end of the first night. Chris deliberated over the whole situation with the other Chris, and ultimately decided to keep the poor girl. (Note: Chris sent her home at the second rose ceremony any way. So congrats on being the desperate girl for nothing.)

Kelly Travis Twitter 1

JJ O'Brien Twitter 2

Then we were reminded that the major premise of The Bachelor is actually just to see how many scenarios exist in which a man can casually exist shirtless. Popular options include the ever practical outdoor shower and the pool party group date, both covered in this episode of course.

Elan Gale Twitter 1

Nikki Ferrell Tweet 1

As is par for the course of any ole pool party, after all these ladies had stripped down to only their bikinis, Chris took them out for every girl’s dream, a quick round of tractor racing, before ditching them all to hang out with just one girl for the evening portion of the date. His pick: single mom Mackenzie.

How’d that date go? Well, she got a rose, but homegirl needs to get it together. Highlight of their time together: when the Washington native asked her hunky date if he believed in aliens, after already telling him she was attracted to his big nose…

Catherine Lowe Twitter 1

Kelly Travis Twitter 2

Meanwhile, back at the house. The first sob story is revealed.

Catherine Lowe Twitter 2

The date card for the first one-on-one was delivered to Megan, who we’d just seen ram her head into various hard surfaces while wearing a motorcycle helmet. What should come as a shock to no one is that the poor girl didn’t understand that the card wasn’t just a random love note.

Brian Osborne Twitter 2

Throughout the episode we found that Tara was not in fact this season’s typical alcoholic, but instead Jordan was and it was hilarious.

Brian Osborne Twitter 3Kelly Travis Twitter 3

The second group date of the episode proved to be the best date idea ever. I’m not kidding, I once owned my own paintball gun and I love creepy stuff; this date was my everything. And apparently I wasn’t the only one loving it.

Brian Osborne Twitter 4

Nick Viall Twitter 2

Nikki Ferrell Twitter 2

But even the coolness of the date was outweighed by the episode’s most glorious part, Ashley S. going absolute cuckoo bananas crazy. I said it last week, this girl is on something really strong. This is what television is all about my friends.

Sean Lowe Twitter 2

Catherine Lowe Twitter 2

Nick Viall Twitter 3

Kelly Travis Twitter 4

Sean Lowe Twitter 3

Somewhere along the way everyone fell in love with Kaitlyn.

Catherine Lowe Twitter 4

Kelly Travis Twitter 5

And Ashley I., a virgin, made Chris rub her belly button ring and then make a wish as if it were a genie in a bottle. Yes, you read that right.

Sean Lowe Twitter 4

Kelly Travis Twitter 6

Finally the rose ceremony began.

Jillian tripped on her way to get a rose, and Chris wasn’t actually even calling her name, a moment that could only be upstaged by the final rose going to everyone’s favorite psycho, Ashley S.

Catherine Lowe Twitter 5

Nick Viall Twitter 5

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Are you crazy about Ashley S. or are you tired of her craziness? Sad to see anyone go? Are you loving Kaitlyn like so many former contestants? Or do you have other favorites? Whose tweets did you think were funniest, or is there someone else I need to be following to get the best tweets? Let me hear what you have to say in the comments below.

Photo Credits: 1, all others


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