bachelorette 11: week 1

A dull and boring title to offset the insane level of excitement within the words of this post.

Sweet baby Jesus, where do I even begin?


In typical ABC, Bachelor fashion, the higher ups at my most favorite television networked forced fans to cancel two nights worth of plans all the find out who would even be this season’s bachelorette. That was brilliant and cruel on a million levels.

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it’s raining men (for kaitlyn + britt)


So, I know I’m a tad bit behind on this; I got a similar post for Chris’s season out the day photos were released, but whatever, I’ve been all over the place, and idgaf.

Despite my inability to be timely, I’m hella hype about this post. Why you may ask? Because I nailed Chris’s ladies without reading a single spoiler; just a quick look through pics and a few little facts and I had several of them figured out.

No, I didn’t guess he’d propose to Whitney in the end; I’m not sure if I noticed her at all in my first impression post, but I did pretty well.

What makes me even more excited about this post? They’re guys this time! Praise the Lord, perusing through a bevy of attractive men is so much more fun than a lineup of women who make me look like a bag of trash.

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watch this now: unbreakable kimmy schmidt


For the sake of time, let’s just go ahead and acknowledge the greatness that is Tina Fey. She is without a doubt one of the true wonders of the world. The woman is a pop culture miracle worker; I mean, we can thank her for Mean Girls. She gives so much all to entertain our simple minds.

So now that you’ve been fired for forgetting to go to work thanks to House of Cards, you may as well put the final nail in the coffin that is your social life as well, and watch Tina’s latest project, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


The show somehow manages to make fun of our generation, poking fun at our technology dependence and that sort of thing, while also catering specifically to us.

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farewell pawnee

a thank you letter to parks and rec

Tonight is the series finale of one of my favorite shows. I’m not talking about a favorite right now, I mean all time favorite level.

Tonight the countless fans of the NBC series Parks and Recreation will say one final farewell to Leslie Knope and the gang. Tonight we will say goodbye to the lovely residents of Pawnee that we’ve came to know and love.

Parks and Rec Cast

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the brat pack 2.0

I am obsessed with the 80’s. I was not alive during the 80’s, but I should’ve been.

Synth heavy pop, John Hughes films, and the ushering in of the grunge punk style; these are a few of my favorite things.

Anyone who’s at all aware of 80’s pop culture has heard of the Brat Pack, and if you haven’t, you’re sorely missing out. The Brat Pack was the nickname given to a group of young actors who dominated the screen back in the day, primarily seen in the coming of age films the 80’s are known for. Most specifically, the Brat Pack included the group of actors who starred in The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire, but essentially that term is an umbrella for that group of artists and creative types who were just constantly teaming up with each other and collaborating to produce all these iconic works of the 80’s.

Now, the Brat Pack is a thing of the past, and the kids who grew up obsessing over those actors are the ones running the show. Years from now, who will we look back on as the iconic artists of our generation? Who will we look back on and see as this group of artists that made up a team to promote each other and push each other?

Meet the Brat Pack 2.0.

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that grammys post

Like everyone else in the world, today I am talking about last night’s 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Let’s start with fashion.

The majority of the red carpet was a sea of black, and not even in the elegant or classy way, or just complete and utter chaos. Future reference, skintight tracksuit, never okay. Nonetheless, a few of my typical favorites really came through. They delivered with trendy, flattering looks that seemed intrinsic to their typical brand and style.

It should surprise no one that Taylor Swift freaking owned it.

Grammys Taylor

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fab five: february edition

So here’s a new thing I think might be cool to try.

I’ve gotten to this incredibly cool place in life where I basically ignore everything that is supposed to be cool.

I’ve just decided that I know who I am and what I like well enough to make my decisions without the help of society’s opinion leaders. And honestly, I’m pretty sure that’s the way opinion leaders think, so I’m pretty pumped about this way of thinking.

With that principle in mind, I’m going to try to do a monthly post listing five random things, people, places, whatever, that I’m currently digging. It’s subject to change pretty easily, and my taste is undeniably quirky and unique, so the things I talk about aren’t always going to be groundbreaking or innovative. Nonetheless, I think it’s gonna be pretty awesome. Continue reading