dear parents

For the past several months, I’ve worked at an after school care program, and as an obsessively observant people watcher, I’ve gathered a great deal. Below are the important things I’d like to share with the parents of young children.

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That Time I Wasn’t a Feminist

To those who know me as I am right now, you more than likely know me as something of a staunch feminist. I pretty inherently abhor labels, but proudly wear that one.


Yet there was a time, not too long ago, in which I would have cringed at the term feminist; I was repulsed by the it.

Why? How was that possible? Didn’t I believe in equal pay for men and women? Didn’t I admire countless women in leadership roles, even aspire to be one? Continue reading

just love.

my thoughts on being more like Jesus

Growing up in church, I heard versions of the phrase ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ far more often than anyone would really like.

I want to talk about that phrase today.

A few summers ago, I went to Uganda on a mission trip.

The main purpose of the trip was to serve as a vessel for God’s love, to share His relentless affection with the many homeless boys who, for most of their lives, had not received enough of it. Because I was there to love, I doled and doted each of those kids with infinite kindness and care; I shared freely every ounce of space within my heart. Continue reading

to the tired best friend

To the tired best friend,

I saw a blog post written to the “selfish best friend;” I didn’t make it through that entire post because, well, you know me, I got distracted by the episode of New Girl that was on.

But as I laughed at Schmidt and the lovable Nick Miller and the all around adorable, laughable antics of Jess and her crazy friends, something about that post stuck with me.

I am the selfish best friend.

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rate me, [vali]date me

I was a junior in high school. My best friend and I sat on the tops of desks, talking to a guy in a Spanish class.

This wasn’t a guy we were into. He was funny, he was decent looking, but we truly were just passing the time. We talked about everything with this guy. He had become our free pass into the world of a man.

My best friend was petite and beautiful, part Korean with just enough ethnicity to make her look dark and mysterious. She had more confidence than anyone I’d ever met.

I was awkward to say the least. I was clutching onto this best friend’s coat tails trying my hardest to be accepted by the cool crowd. My hair never seemed to lay right, and I had no idea how to properly apply eyeliner. Continue reading

try on more shoes: thoughts on racist america

So America, we’ve been talking a lot about race lately, and I think that’s great. I think equality is a wonderful, yet dizzying concept.

I read an article by Nylon about a guy on Tumblr who takes popular movies and edits them down to only the lines spoken by people of color; the results, as you would expect, are glaringly short snippets from incredibly popular movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Her. Reading about it is disappointing, and reminds me of how great it would be to live in a society where that guy didn’t feel the need to point out such a problem. Kendrick Lamar Album CoverAnd then there was the release of Kendrick Lamar‘s video for Alright, which caused conservative, white media to actually just die. A beautifully done, chilling video chock full of depth and symbolism representing what Kendrick Lamar perceives to be true regarding racial injustice in our modern society.

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