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China Beach Coast

Shoddily published from my phone because my computer is on its deathbed, so I am very sorry for the undoubtedly poor formatting and numerous errors. 

A few months ago, at a church very far from my own, God spoke very powerfully to me through a woman active in that congregation.

I had been struggling for quite sometime with my lack of direction. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing with my life. The uncertainty was crippling; and the frustration as a result was poisoning. My relationship with God faltered; I openly resented Him at times. It seemed like everyone but me had some divine calling. Even earlier that day, a man deemed as the church’s prophet had prayed over my friend and I. As a result, he had told her specifically what avenues of her life to focus on now, and which ones would be more prominent later. I got “do what you love, and don’t worry about the rest.” All stuff I’d heard a thousand times, all stuff I ultimately knew. I spent the entire service ignoring the sermon and dwelling on what that man had said to my friend and I. For almost a year I had been begging and pleading with God to just cut me a break, to give me a path, to let me know what my future held. (Spoiler alert: the world is not a wish granting factory, and neither is God.) Literal moments before, I’d been begging for that same clear, cut and dry answer, and had gotten the ever vague “do what you love” speech.

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why san francisco?

If you’ve already read my JJ O’Brien post from yesterday, then you know I just got home from a five day birthday adventure in the heart of San Francisco.

It’s a city known to draw in foodies and tech savvy types with a few old school hippies still wandering through the Haight.

Growing up, we all came to know and love the Victorian style row houses so prominently featured on Full House, and we all secretly hoped that if we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into the city, we too would tap into the power to see the future like Raven Baxter.

It’s a city whose weather is so iconic that it’s become a public figure and has its own social media accounts.

San Francisco is a city known for steep hills, crooked, winding streets, and sourdough bread.

San Francisco is a city like no other, and still, the first thing anyone asked when I mentioned my trip was, “why San Francisco?”.

SF Golden Gate Bridge

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the jj o’brien post

It’s been an entire week since my last post. I know, I know, I’m a slacker, but I promise I had a good reason for my lack of writing in the last week.

It’s pretty simple really. I’ve been so busy in the past week living the most beautiful adventure, that I didn’t have time to write it all down. Don’t worry, I was committing it to memory, and if you follow me on Instagram, I was also sharing quite a bit there.

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the power of music: post-concert thoughts

Music is medicine; it’s emotional and magical. Everything from the words to the melody can move you more than you can imagine. While I have not a single musical bone in my body, I worship at the alter of a good song, and the only thing better than listening to a song is listening to it live.

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to an incredible concert. Even going into it I didn’t realize how powerful the line up was. About a month ago, I order tickets for the 96X Winter Meltdown in Norfolk, VA because Jack Antonoff’s band, Bleachers, would be there. Only after buying the tickets for myself and my two best friends did I realize everything we were in store for. Not only would Bleachers be performing, but Haim, Neon Trees, and more would be there as well. I couldn’t believe the great deal we were getting on so many bands, and while I wasn’t familiar with every act there, I look back on last night as one of the best nights of my life.Concert Ready

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