why san francisco?

If you’ve already read my JJ O’Brien post from yesterday, then you know I just got home from a five day birthday adventure in the heart of San Francisco.

It’s a city known to draw in foodies and tech savvy types with a few old school hippies still wandering through the Haight.

Growing up, we all came to know and love the Victorian style row houses so prominently featured on Full House, and we all secretly hoped that if we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into the city, we too would tap into the power to see the future like Raven Baxter.

It’s a city whose weather is so iconic that it’s become a public figure and has its own social media accounts.

San Francisco is a city known for steep hills, crooked, winding streets, and sourdough bread.

San Francisco is a city like no other, and still, the first thing anyone asked when I mentioned my trip was, “why San Francisco?”.

SF Golden Gate Bridge

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