some summer songs

woah, alliteration! new music Friday or whatever brought us a couple things. so before you head out for a Friday night with friends, or a sunny Saturday filled with fun, check yourself and make sure you’ve got the right new tracks added to your summer playlist. here’s the scoop: da boys be ballin’ (and Ina Wroldsen deserves some credit) wanna dance? wanna fall in love? wanna make babies with your summer fling?? Continue reading


i am obsessed with hana

If you haven’t listened to her yet, I need you to look up HANA immediately and fall in love.


I found this amazing song Clay a few weeks ago, per suggestion of the inimitable Grimes, and since, I’ve been incapable of listening to much else. We should all be thanking HANA for doing the music industry, our ears, and our hearts a huge favor.

I’m obsessed with finding music with meaning, like real, emotionally charged songs with depth and dimension. We have enough single ready, one dimensional songs crafted solely to climb the charts. I stopped being impressed by that long ago, and HANA isn’t doing that.

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the abc’s of indie pop: part III

Okay guys, I suck at life; I don’t have it together, but at least I’m willing to admit it, which is why it’s taken me months to get to part three of this series. I honestly intended to get through the entire alphabet relatively quickly, but I am incredibly talented in the art of putting things off forever. There are a lot of things I don’t finish, but for the sake of the maybe two people actually reading my music posts, I am determined to finish this.

With that being said, I expect some dedication from you in return, so if you haven’t read them already, head over to Parts One and Two of this series, and get ready for some great music.

Seriously, go read them. I’m not continuing until I know you’re fully committed to this too.

Okay, fine. Whatever, I’ll never actually know if you read all the parts to this series or not, so I’ll just get started.


is for KONGOS


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the abc’s of indie pop: part II

In case you haven’t read Part I of this series, let me catch you up.

I love music; it’s this spiritual, emotional, intangible experience for me, it’s so much more than simply a song. Because of my love for music, I’ve always been really interested in discovering new artists and bands that are just on the cusp of fame. I find those bands often to be most talented, and have the best shows. So I’m currently compiling a list, from A to Z, of some of my favorite indie and up and coming acts.

Below is the second installment, listing bands from F to J. So let’s get to jamming guys. Continue reading

the abc’s of indie pop: part I

If you’ve read almost any of my posts, you know I’m obsessed with fashion, Lena Dunham, and music, so it should come as no surprise that I would take it upon myself to educate the masses on what truly good music sounds like.

In a world where the radio is flooded with the likes of Justin Bieber and too many country crooners pretending they now know how to rap, someone needs to set the record straight. I’m compiling a list, from A to Z, to help you navigate your way through the overcrowded, chaotic sounds of our generation. Below you’ll find my first installment, giving you just a few bands great for dancing alone in your kitchen, singing in the shower, and holding concerts in your car.

Get ready to rock my friends. Continue reading