try on more shoes: thoughts on racist america

So America, we’ve been talking a lot about race lately, and I think that’s great. I think equality is a wonderful, yet dizzying concept.

I read an article by Nylon about a guy on Tumblr who takes popular movies and edits them down to only the lines spoken by people of color; the results, as you would expect, are glaringly short snippets from incredibly popular movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Her. Reading about it is disappointing, and reminds me of how great it would be to live in a society where that guy didn’t feel the need to point out such a problem. Kendrick Lamar Album CoverAnd then there was the release of Kendrick Lamar‘s video for Alright, which caused conservative, white media to actually just die. A beautifully done, chilling video chock full of depth and symbolism representing what Kendrick Lamar perceives to be true regarding racial injustice in our modern society.

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a girls girl

If you read the about page, or you just know good music, you’ve heard of Jack Antonoff, the inspiration behind the name of this blog. If you’re merely a casual music fan, and not an obsessive psycho like myself, then you may not know that Jack Antonoff is dating Lena Dunham, the creator, producer, and star of the the HBO hit series Girls. A few months ago Dunham was merely a blip on my radar; the girlfriend of one of my favorite artists. However, one stroll through the book section of Target, and an impulsive purchase of her inspiringly hilarious book of essays Not That Kind of Girl later, and I was hooked.

As I turned through the final pages of her collection of essays, I knew I needed more. Cue another dateless Saturday night alone, and I found myself marathoning through the first three seasons. Now, with the fourth season less than a month away, I’m ready to convince everyone I know to do the same. Lock yourself in your room for a few days, ignore the bills piling up on your coffee table and the fact that your friends and family don’t think eating frozen pizza for every meal is “very healthy,” and watch. this. show. If, however, you do choose to focus instead on your responsibilities, or you have an actual social calendar of events keeping you from watching 16 straight hours of television or you’ve watched the show, but are afraid that as you grow old your memory has faltered and you will not remember every detail of Hannah and Adam’s relationship, or all the gory details of Jessa’s life, don’t fret.

Below I’ve summarized the series into five key points to help you prepare for the upcoming season.

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