That Time I Wasn’t a Feminist

To those who know me as I am right now, you more than likely know me as something of a staunch feminist. I pretty inherently abhor labels, but proudly wear that one.


Yet there was a time, not too long ago, in which I would have cringed at the term feminist; I was repulsed by the it.

Why? How was that possible? Didn’t I believe in equal pay for men and women? Didn’t I admire countless women in leadership roles, even aspire to be one? Continue reading


rate me, [vali]date me

I was a junior in high school. My best friend and I sat on the tops of desks, talking to a guy in a Spanish class.

This wasn’t a guy we were into. He was funny, he was decent looking, but we truly were just passing the time. We talked about everything with this guy. He had become our free pass into the world of a man.

My best friend was petite and beautiful, part Korean with just enough ethnicity to make her look dark and mysterious. She had more confidence than anyone I’d ever met.

I was awkward to say the least. I was clutching onto this best friend’s coat tails trying my hardest to be accepted by the cool crowd. My hair never seemed to lay right, and I had no idea how to properly apply eyeliner. Continue reading

some summer songs

woah, alliteration! new music Friday or whatever brought us a couple things. so before you head out for a Friday night with friends, or a sunny Saturday filled with fun, check yourself and make sure you’ve got the right new tracks added to your summer playlist. here’s the scoop: da boys be ballin’ (and Ina Wroldsen deserves some credit) wanna dance? wanna fall in love? wanna make babies with your summer fling?? Continue reading

farewell pawnee

a thank you letter to parks and rec

Tonight is the series finale of one of my favorite shows. I’m not talking about a favorite right now, I mean all time favorite level.

Tonight the countless fans of the NBC series Parks and Recreation will say one final farewell to Leslie Knope and the gang. Tonight we will say goodbye to the lovely residents of Pawnee that we’ve came to know and love.

Parks and Rec Cast

Continue reading

another post about feminism


In today’s society we toss this F word around a lot, yet I can’t help but think a lot us are just missing the mark.

Feminism is a lot like a job in consulting or the phrase “hooking up” in that nobody knows what it actually means. Not to say we’re all completely clueless, it’s just that the concept and history of feminism is complex, intricate, and at times difficult to understand. Continue reading