new music tuesday

the good, the bad, and carly rae jepsen

On Tuesdays, no one is a better friend than those people at Spotify who spend their work hours compiling and pairing songs into every sort of playlist imaginable because on Tuesdays, those lovely little music loving humans tell me exactly what new songs to listen to. I have a mad appreciation for the oldies, but really pride myself on knowing what artists and songs are gonna blow up before the masses ever hear ’em, so I like to hear music the minute it comes out.

So after a perusal of Spotify’s list, and a visit to iTunes to make sure there was nothing I’d missed, I wrote up a few thoughts on what you need to listen to, and what you need to sacrifice a sacred skip on.

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that grammys post

Like everyone else in the world, today I am talking about last night’s 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Let’s start with fashion.

The majority of the red carpet was a sea of black, and not even in the elegant or classy way, or just complete and utter chaos. Future reference, skintight tracksuit, never okay. Nonetheless, a few of my typical favorites really came through. They delivered with trendy, flattering looks that seemed intrinsic to their typical brand and style.

It should surprise no one that Taylor Swift freaking owned it.

Grammys Taylor

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