to the tired best friend

To the tired best friend,

I saw a blog post written to the “selfish best friend;” I didn’t make it through that entire post because, well, you know me, I got distracted by the episode of New Girl that was on.

But as I laughed at Schmidt and the lovable Nick Miller and the all around adorable, laughable antics of Jess and her crazy friends, something about that post stuck with me.

I am the selfish best friend.

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four friendship letters: what i’ve learned

Friendship is a funny thing. Sometimes you don’t know what you have at all. Sometimes you expect more than you get, and sometimes you expect nothing at all and end up with the most wonderful people in your life. But the thing about friendship is, you never know which bonds are which until you’re in the heart of it.

You come across the kid on the slide the first day of kindergarten and you hit it off, you assume you’ll be friends forever, but time takes it’s toll and your friendship is a thing of the past. Or the very opposite happens. You see a goofy kid on the other side of the basketball court and think there’s no way you’d ever get along, and you end up laughing together even when you’re eighty. Either way, the bonds you make, and sometimes break, are worth it because of all that you learn along the way.


I’m incredibly terrible at saying things out loud, so there are a lot of friends, and friends past, that never got to hear a lot of what I had to say to them. Below you’ll find four letters to the friends who deserve to hear my thoughts the most in hopes that by reading them, you will learn the things that I learned a little more easily. Continue reading