woah, alliteration! new music Friday or whatever brought us a couple things. so before you head out for a Friday night with friends, or a sunny Saturday filled with fun, check yourself and make sure you’ve got the right new tracks added to your summer playlist. here’s the scoop: da boys be ballin’ (and Ina Wroldsen deserves some credit) wanna dance? wanna fall in love? wanna make babies with your summer fling?? Calvin if you want it all, there’s a good chance Calvin Harris‘ new song, How Deep Is Your Love, can deliver. I heard the song, which Harris released with Disciples, and I was hella hype; then I realized that beautiful voice I was singing along to ISN’T EVEN CREDITED on the track. Inamaybe I’m just too feminist, but for a guy dating the music industry’s reigning fabulous, feminist queen, you’d think Harris would be a little more generous about sharing the credit with such a rad chick. whatever though; add the track, love the track, but whenever you and all your friends are dancing and falling in love to the sounds of How Deep Is Your Love, give ya girl, Ina some credit ’cause she’s got a beautiful set of pipes. want fresh beats from last year’s summer boyband crush? look no further than the exciting release of 5 Seconds of Summer‘s She’s Kinda Hot. the internet, and all of 5SOS’s super loyal tween girl fans, are head over heels. the title is trending on the twitter. I like this sort of attempt at grit from a band that I assumed was like One Direction 2.0, and the funky, grungy lyric video released along with the single fuels my love for punk pop artists. https://youtu.be/NTxtioXVZQE want a song that makes you smile ’til you’re cheeks hurt and dance ’til your breathless? want a song so inherently summer that it evokes pool parties and beach bonfires immediately? you’re likely to find it in CRUISR‘s new little gem, Throw Shade. my favorite Philly band delivers big here. the lyrics are actually like spectacularly sassy, but still, this indie pop band’s summery sound and frenetic 80’s vibe gets you off your feet and moving. it’s too fun to pass up. it makes you feel lighter; your worries truly fade away when it plays. CRUISR other thoughts: The Chainsmokers and Chvrches also released new listen worthy singles this week as well. Halsey’s song New Americana is perfectly anthemic and I’m just saving it to talk about later. plus, if you wanna get to know more about CRUISR it’s probably totally worth it. today’s release was a two track single, so you have Moving To Neptune to look forward to; not to mention, the guys are adorable and attractive and I call total dibs on the bass player. here’s to lovely summer nights and the songs that will playback as the soundtrack to the memories you make. let me know what you’re listening to in the comments below.  PHOTO CREDITZ: 1, 2, 3


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