USA TODAY interviews Carly Rae Jepsen, promotes her new single

Carly Rae Jepsen is a pop hit powerhouse. That’s basically musical fact; it’s almost annoying how everything she releases is undeniably catchy, but it is what it is.

She knows how to create a chart topper, and it turns out she and the man behind Bleachers, Jack Antonoff, collaborated quite a bit when working on her soon to be released in the US album, E•MO•TION.

Jack Antonoff

None of their work made it onto the final track list, but thanks to Stereogum we’ve just been gifted a remix of Jepsen’s first single off the album, I Really Like You. While not the first remix of this song to hit the internet airwaves, it’s maybe the most exciting considering Antonoff’s unique style and depth of artistry.

The second the song starts, any Bleachers or Antonoff fan can’t help but nod in appreciation; it’s classic Jack. You’re thinking Jepsen’s jam came straight out of a John Hughes film.

Occasionally, you feel like Antonoff’s edits are out of place, like there’s too much going on. In other moments, you can no longer separate Antonoff’s work from the original; it feels they should’ve been there all along, like the military drum sample he added. The breakdown at the end is kind of magical, and sort of makes you forgive the moments you felt sonically confused.

While not technically my favorite thing, because I tend not to like remixes, I’m impressed by just how different of a persona the track takes on with Antonoff’s edits. It’s edgier, it’s louder, it crashes through the walls when it comes to the party, as opposed to just dancing on the table. That’s a cool, impressive thing to do.

Jepsen’s album comes out in the US on 8/21, and Bleachers, currently in Europe, is gearing up for a joint tour with the absolute goddess Charli XCX. I’m hype to hear more from both, and psyched that Stereogum shared this gem with the world.

Listen for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below.



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