i am obsessed with hana

If you haven’t listened to her yet, I need you to look up HANA immediately and fall in love.


I found this amazing song Clay a few weeks ago, per suggestion of the inimitable Grimes, and since, I’ve been incapable of listening to much else. We should all be thanking HANA for doing the music industry, our ears, and our hearts a huge favor.

I’m obsessed with finding music with meaning, like real, emotionally charged songs with depth and dimension. We have enough single ready, one dimensional songs crafted solely to climb the charts. I stopped being impressed by that long ago, and HANA isn’t doing that.

She’s true to herself and her craft, making sure that everything she’s putting out is something that she’s happy with.

Clay Cover

It’s this euphoric mix of her candy coated voice, shimmery, ethereal effects, and synth all tinged with an elusive, haunting darkness encroaching in on itself. That makes no sense at all, except to say that HANA’s sound does it all, it enchants you and makes you feel like your floating, but it can also make you cry, and make you crash into the ground in the best way possible. A good song makes you feel exactly what you need to feel, and HANA is doing that. Clay makes me tear up every time I hear it; I feel HANA’s own emotions inside of it. It picks you up off the ground; it builds you up from the ashes, but it doesn’t let you forget you were broken. I’ve got Avalanche on repeat; it’s intricate and complex. There are so many details, you don’t know where to land, but it doesn’t really matter because you know no matter what note you notice, you’re landing on real art, real emotion, real music. It’s enchanting; you can’t get it out of your head. HANA’s sharing real life with us unapologetically, without abandon, without consideration for what’s easy or what’s popular. You feel her and you know she is an artist, and I appreciate that on the most subatomic level. Every fiber of me appreciates an artist who is still creating art in the form of music. It’s rare that I feel a musician puts this much into his or her work, and I’ve been hungry for this sort of thing for a long time. I can’t wait to hear more from HANA and see what comes next.



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