new music tuesday

the good, the bad, and carly rae jepsen

On Tuesdays, no one is a better friend than those people at Spotify who spend their work hours compiling and pairing songs into every sort of playlist imaginable because on Tuesdays, those lovely little music loving humans tell me exactly what new songs to listen to. I have a mad appreciation for the oldies, but really pride myself on knowing what artists and songs are gonna blow up before the masses ever hear ’em, so I like to hear music the minute it comes out.

So after a perusal of Spotify’s list, and a visit to iTunes to make sure there was nothing I’d missed, I wrote up a few thoughts on what you need to listen to, and what you need to sacrifice a sacred skip on.

Cayucas – Big Winter Jacket


Cayucas just released a sophomore album last week with Big Winter Jacket as the first track on it. It’s dark even though it’s from a band with a reputation for beachy, lighthearted tunes, and that impresses me a lot. Something about this song reminds me of Steel Train more than I would have expected, but it’s in a really good way. It’s catchy and you could dance around to it, but it never feels cheap or repetitive like a lot of summer songs.

High Dive Heart – Vintage

I searched High Dive Heart for a few deets on the band because the song caught my attention right away, and I found next to nothing. So they’re pretty new on the scene, but I’m pretty sure Vintage is gaining them notoriety quickly. It’s the sort of song you can’t help but tap your feet to; the beat is infectious. Plus the lyrics have a couple fun pop culture references infused in, which is one of my favorite things. I know it’s a little obviously pop, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent song.

The Heydaze – Dumb

This song feels like it’s trying way too hard. It’s the guy who graduated years before you, but still wants to be your Facebook friend. It’s so basic; everything from the subpar lyrics to the mediocre melody just make me feel bored and a little sad for them. There’s no push for brilliance, no stretch for great heights. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard; I listened through the whole thing hoping it’d get better, but it never did. It’s writing for the masses, no substance or style, nothing to make it identifiable or interesting.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Emotion

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae takes a lot for being so unbearably poppy, and I get it, no song she’s ever had much success with has had an ounce of depth. Still, she produces pop single after single that literally everyone knows every word to. That’s not exactly the sort of artistic talent that I personally search for in an artist, but it is a talent nonetheless, and Emotion proves no different. So whether you like it, love it, or hate it, you’re bound to hear it a few zillion times, dance in your car to it, and know every word of it.

Tori Kelly + Ed Sheeran – I Was Made For Loving You


This song is pure golden bliss; it is the sort of collaboration everyone dreams of. Even before pressing play, I knew it’d be beautiful. Tori Kelly has an amazing voice, and Ed Sheeran is the actual king of love songs, this partnership was a no brainer.

Have a listen and let me know what you guys think of this Tuesday’s newest music. Tell me what you like and dislike in the comments below.

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