dad bod: a controversy

Stop what you’re doing and get involved in the tremendously serious debate.

Adam Devine

Oh my word guys, don’t worry about the presidential election race heating up, or the latest doings of ISIS, please put all your energy into singing the praises of, or berating, the dad bod.

Thank God we live in America where we can focus on such important matters instead of worrying about trivial things like where our next meal will come from or where we’ll sleep tonight.

So really guys, I don’t care that much one way or another about your opinions on what’s attractive in a man, or what isn’t, or what you do with those opinions.

But I’ve got your attention now, right?

All across these hallowed halls we call the internet, people have taken to discussing their opinions of the “dad bod.”

For the record, I’ve been hardcore vibing the dad bod foreva. Seth Rogen is my actual number one crush, but that’s so not the point.

Seth RogenMy beef with all this isn’t whether or not it’s cool of society to promote this body type or not, my beef is the way the people of this internet have reacted.

Like this whole thing is a matter of personal preference, so you’d think we could all just chill for a minute. But you’d think wrong. I’ve seen people duking it out on Facebook over this ish, and while yes, probably a better fight than MayPac, still totally pointless.

Here’s the thing guys, we gotta get over ourselves.

Is it really like earth shattering if you love men who are slightly out of shape and your neighbor/coworker/relative/friend disagrees?

The answer is no, in case that wasn’t dead obvious.

Even if you are that hella fit guy, who works constantly for that tight bod, and you’re secretly pissed that now society has latched onto anything that doesn’t take endless hours of work and self control, is it really gonna like ruin your life?

Nah bruh. You’re good.

You’ve got arms, bulging with muscles in this case; and you’ve got legs, and food, and water, and clothing, and free time to workout, and free time to complain about insignificant matters all over my timeline.

Maybe take all that energy you’re using to promote whatever body type you prefer, and instead of trying to force everyone to say the way you do, you promote more important issues.

Remember like two days ago when everyone was bickering in the comments sections of posts ’round the world over potential racial profiling and police brutality in Baltimore? At least that was like, important.

But don’t think I want us going back to that, I’m just putting it out there that all that time we’re wasting defending an irrelevant opinion could be better spent.

Read a book. Sing a song. Learn something new. Help a friend. Be nice to a stranger. Tell everyone on the internet to have a nice day.

Maybe instead of spiraling out of control on the interweb over something so trivial, we could just choose to focus on bigger things, and in doing so, choose to celebrate whatever body we have, or like, or are working toward.

What’s good for you is not always what’s good for me, and this goes for everything, even dad bods.

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