100 miles in march recap: week 1 (feat. ramblings of my paleo diet)

If you’re just tuning in, you may wanna check out this post for a bit of context as to what I’m talking about.

If you’re a dedicated follower of my little baby of a blog, then you just gotsta know if I’ve been keeping the promise I made to this here internet.

Am I running my butt off (literally) to log 100 miles this month?

Ya dang, skippy.

Here are my thoughts so far:

I am so tired. I took up running after my senior year of cheerleading ended back in high school, and of course since then I’ve approached it with various degrees of seriousness. This month is definitely one of the most serious times, whereas the months leading up to March I had slack off to a new low. I’m not making excuses for myself here; I’m just letting you guys know, going from maybe 10 miles, if I’m being honest, to 25 miles isn’t a picnic.

That’s why at some point during the week, I decided I also needed to focus on changing my eating habits. So now I’m slowly transitioning into a paleo lifestyle.

By slowly transitioning I mean I told myself I would start Wednesday, but then I didn’t. I started Thursday, but then blew it Friday night with way too many Oreos. I was completely prepared to get back to it today, meticulously scouring the menu while out to brunch for something that fit paleo guidelines; then, due to a long wait, the manager brought out free almond croissants for my table. I’ve never ever been one to say no to free food.

The thing is though, I like the paleo diet. I do feel much more energized than usual. Normally, I’m an almost vegetarian, who eats chicken or fish a few times a month. A diet that emphasizes protein, and meat specifically, turned out to be exactly what I needed. I am hooked. I love meat. Not to sound harsh to animal lovers out there, but there just seems to be an extra little bit of nutrition in something that once had blood coursing through its veins.

Back to running, I managed to crush it; I’ve logged exactly 25 miles running (1/4th of the way there) and 2 additional miles walking, which I said in my initial post, it’s totally fine to count those too.

Aside from loading up on protein and veggies, I’ve also realized how much I desperately need more sleep. It’s barely 8:00 pm, but I could fall asleep at any moment.

In other news: I make up stories and play out various scenarios in my head while I run. This week’s scenario involved me wearing a tutu and falling in love with a professor. Who needs tv when you could just live inside my head?

If you joined me on this awesome journey to challenge yourself to run 100 miles in March, then please share your own thoughts so far in the comments below. If you’d like tips on running or have tips to give, let me hear it in the comments. If you’d like to know more about my adventure into paleo eating, tell me what you wanna know in the comments below. Happy running guys. 

Too lazy for photos.


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