100 miles in march


Happy March, ladies and gentlebeans.

I don’t know where the first two months of 2015 went, but I also don’t care. March means spring means warm weather means bright colors means cute clothes means sandals and sunshine and one step closer to that glorious thing known as summertime.

I’m excited. I’m elated. I’m eager; and then it hits me, summer means swimsuit season *gulp*.

Let me just say, I love body confidence and body acceptance. I hate body shaming, and promotion of the idea that any body type is even remotely more beautiful than another.

With that being said, there is no possible way I am prepared to parade around in a bikini as is. Just like there’s nothing wrong with loving your body, flaws and all, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to make your body better.

When I say better, I mean better. I don’t mean depriving your body of the nourishment that it needs in a craved attempt to cut your caloric intake in half. I don’t mean forcing yourself to spend every free moment at the gym until you push yourself to the breaking point of exhaustion. I mean respecting the body you were given by putting mostly good, healthy foods into it and exercising regularly to tone and strengthen the muscles that you already have.

In the winter months, it’s almost too easy to make excuses as to why you don’t need to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s cold and dreary, and cuddling up to binge Netflix seems like the only way to survive. Before you know it, you’ve eaten your way through an entire pan of brownies and fallen in love with Chandler Bing all over again. So now that we’re on the verge of spring, I think it’s time we stop making excuses.

But howwwww?? Willpower is not in my lexicon. I don’t know what it means or how to use it.

The most healthy time in my life, I exercised almost daily and ate super healthy because I wanted to impress a guy. So for me, it’s hard to find the motivation to be healthy for myself. However, I’m wildly competitive, so if getting active is posed as a challenge, then I’m hoping to fair better.

Running FeetHere’s my challenge, not just for myself, but for anyone who wants to join: 100 miles in the month of March. These can be ran or walked, on a treadmill, on the pavement, through a forest, whatever.

Is 100 miles a lot?

Well, perhaps; it’s certainly not a little, but it’s not unreasonable. There are 31 days in the month of March, and today is the 2nd. If a person ran 3 miles, a little less than a 5k, everyday, then he or she would log 93 miles at the end of the month. That’s where my math came from; if you’re going to log 93 miles in a month, you may as well do seven more because it sounds vastly more impressive. Three miles per day doesn’t sound that daunting though, does it?

I’m asking everyone who reads this, and everyone I know, to do this with me because the team element will help hold us all accountable. Plus, if I get enough interest, I’ll be more than happy to create a few social media accounts for encouragement. I’ve got running tips and tons of fun facts on deck just waiting to be used. I’m down to recommend running playlists and post encouragement every single day if you guys are willing to do this with me.

So get up, lace up your sneaks, and get moving.

Instead of girl talk at a coffee shop, move it to the track to also get in a power walk. Instead of relieving stress with that second glass of wine after work, hit the pavement to run away your anxieties. If you’re already a fitness freak or avid runner that logs that many miles every month, that’s fine. Join me anyway to help push others to be their best. Let’s do this guys.

Interested in taking this 100 Miles in March challenge with me? Tell me in the comments that you’re joining me and let me know how you’re doing along the way. The more people who want to participate, the more likely I am to make this a really interactive thing, so challenge all your friends too. 

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6 thoughts on “100 miles in march

    • Athena, depending on the amount of interest, I may make social media accounts specifically to encourage everyone. Otherwise, I’ll be posting weekly updates here and would love to hear your weekly progress in the comments.


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