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Like everyone else in the world, today I am talking about last night’s 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Let’s start with fashion.

The majority of the red carpet was a sea of black, and not even in the elegant or classy way, or just complete and utter chaos. Future reference, skintight tracksuit, never okay. Nonetheless, a few of my typical favorites really came through. They delivered with trendy, flattering looks that seemed intrinsic to their typical brand and style.

It should surprise no one that Taylor Swift freaking owned it.

Grammys Taylor

At this point in time, we should all just go ahead and own up to the fact that Taylor is owning it in every possible way right now. We can stop publicly tossing her aside as some trite pop princess that belongs to the tweens and crazy girls of the world, and just admit she rocks. By now we’ve all had that moment where we realize we can’t stop singing her songs, it’s time to go ahead and admit she’s creative, business savvy, and fashionable as well.

In maybe a tad bit of an ironic twist of fate, my other female fashion fave for the night was none other than the frenemy rumored to have inspired Taylor’s Bad Blood, Katy Perry.

Grammys Katy

Katy Perry is another person we should all just go ahead and admit as fabulous. Sure, she went through a slightly delusional phase and married Russell Brand. And yes, sometimes she’s a bit overboard with the showmanship of her performances. Ultimately though, she’s vocally talented, incredibly beautiful, and has recently had a few really career defining performance. More importantly though, pulling off purple hair that well should be impossible; pulling off a dress that transparent, should be impossible, and yet she does it in a way that seems so inherently, perfectly her.

Menswear is for the most part pretty standard always, but because I’ve mentioned Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, I just feel like I have to shine a little light on the third point of their old love triangle. Plus, J May really did look fresh and spruced up the typical suit with a hint of 50’s throwback flair. Admittedly, I love menswear and I love fashion from the sock hop era, so a nerdy Link Larkin look is always gonna win with me. Nonetheless, you can’t deny John Mayer was looking hella in a sea of men who failed pretty hard.

Grammys John Mayer

Now let’s talk performances.

I think perhaps the music industry needs to take a step back and look at where we are right now. I think perhaps there is a divide in the types of art being made by current musicians. If you follow this blog pretty regularly, then you know I love music, so I don’t feel like I’m overstepping too much in saying that many artists have gotten completely away from the actual art and meaning of a song in exchange for looks and showmanship.

I get the importance of putting on a show; I’m all about that. But, for me, all the best performances were staged relatively simplistically.

Grammys Ed Again

I loved Ed Sheeran’s performance of Thinking Out Loud. He had a lot of incredibly talented musicians on that stage with him, and they were all just doing their music. It wasn’t flashy. There weren’t weird centaur men or a thousand gyrating backup dancers. Good musicians are good, and can put on a really entertaining show, but more than that, they can also entertain solely through the song. Sam Smith’s performance with Mary J. Blige was the same way; two of the most vocally talented people in the music industry, slaying the crowd with just their music. Look at Madonna’s performance and look at Gwen Stefani’s performance with Adam Levine. You can make an easy comparison between the two women; both have been around the music scene for a while, both have aged in the spotlight. Last night, one did a beautiful job, the other has become the butt of countless jokes this morning.

Cheers to artists who are putting their art first. Regardless of if you won a Grammy, or sold endless albums this year, you’ve got my respect and my attention, and I would imagine that of countless others as well.

Grammys Adam and Gwen

Now for the rest.

Yes, Sam Smith ran away with the show and a lot of people think that’s boring or unfair or annoying. But Sam Smith is humble, and genuine, and also very talented. It’s possible that while maybe it wasn’t as interesting, he did just deserve all those awards.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

This morning my boss told me he fast forwarded through the PSA against domestic violence and Katy Perry’s moving performance of By the Grace of God. And that he felt the whole thing had no merit because Chris Brown was in the audience.

I’m very expressive, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t disguise my annoyance at all. It feels vaguely like utter disrespect that anyone would actively ignore this plea to end violence. It wasn’t outright boring, it was highly relevant, and I liked it. I like anytime something so grand as an awards show chooses to utilize that attention getting status to do something bigger and better than simply dole out praise to the rich and famous. I think we should have more PSAs discussing all the social issues our country faces; I think it’s every individual’s duty to try to invoke change in our nation, and I personally thought this was a great way to do so. If you didn’t watch that part, shame on you.

Grammys PSA

Also shame on Kanye West. As usual. This man needs to stop. I mean it, seriously let’s stop him from doing stupid things. Let’s stop inviting him to awards shows. Let’s exile him from this country please.

Beck won album of the year. Beyonce was nominated. Kanye stormed the stage, but unlike in the past, he did refrain from interrupting Beck. That didn’t stop him from ranting backstage about how Beck should have given his award to Beyonce. His ignorance and ratchetness actually make me physically ill.

I get it Yeezus, Beyonce is your Illuminati overlord and if anything happened to Jay Z, you’d drop Kim in a second to worship at Queen B’s feet, but calm yourself down. You look like an idiot.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure Target was actually the night’s biggest winner. I am an advertising/marketing geek, and last night I had a fit over the incredibly clever genius behind Target’s ad featuring Imagine Dragons. For those who missed it, the awards show took to a commercial break, but rather than a typical advertisement, viewers were taken to an Imagine Dragons show where the alternative band played the latest single off their upcoming album. You listened through the entirety of the live performance, danced along, and by the time Imagine Dragons finished up, you had completely forgotten that the actual show was on a commercial break. Then the Target logo completely took you by surprise. I’m still floored by the genius of it all. It’s innovative and brilliant, and I’d expect to see similar style advertising in the future.

I’m looking forward to another year of great music, and then another great show at the 58th Annual awards. The music scene changes at rapid speed, so who knows what will happen next year.

Let me hear all your thoughts on the 57th Grammys below. Who made your best and worst dressed list? Which performances did you love, and which made you want to change the channel. Tell me everything in the comments. 

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