fab five: february edition

So here’s a new thing I think might be cool to try.

I’ve gotten to this incredibly cool place in life where I basically ignore everything that is supposed to be cool.

I’ve just decided that I know who I am and what I like well enough to make my decisions without the help of society’s opinion leaders. And honestly, I’m pretty sure that’s the way opinion leaders think, so I’m pretty pumped about this way of thinking.

With that principle in mind, I’m going to try to do a monthly post listing five random things, people, places, whatever, that I’m currently digging. It’s subject to change pretty easily, and my taste is undeniably quirky and unique, so the things I talk about aren’t always going to be groundbreaking or innovative. Nonetheless, I think it’s gonna be pretty awesome.

So here we have it ladies and gents, the five things I’m obsessed with right now and why you should be too.



I get it, I’m in no way the first person to be obsessed with this show; I’m downright late to the game guys. Still, this show is so addicting. It’s dude humor at its finest; it’s gritty and gross, the ratio of dick jokes per minute is too high to count, and it’s great

I had watched a few episodes on and off, in the past, but found myself on a recent lazy Saturday binge watching all of Season 1, which then lead to a bit of research. And that’s why I’m putting this crazy show on my list of obsessions.

Not only is it funny, but I love anyone’s story about working hard, finding a group that you can collaborate with, and making your dreams a reality. Stars of the show, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson, as well as Kyle Newachek who plays the three guys’ drug dealer, are also the show’s creators. They seem so normal; they came from normal places, and are incredibly average looking, but they’re talent is definitely far beyond average. The show is a quotable masterpiece episode after episode, and let’s be honest, everyone sort of wishes they lived the Workaholics life. The next best thing, of course, is living it through your tv or computer screen.

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey Surfing

Remember that adorable little boy that played J. Lo’s son when she was just a Maid in Manhattan? Well, if you weren’t already aware, he grew up to be everybody’s favorite mediocre lacrosse player turned supernatural beast on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Huge Teen Wolf fans like myself have known for a few years now that Tyler Posey is without a doubt one of the coolest dudes to ever walk this earth. His personality shines in every interview he ever does; it’s apparently obvious that he’s hilarious, and you know he’d make the most rad best friend of all time. Like the guys of Workaholics, T Pose also comes off as incredibly normal, down to earth, and confident in who he is. Most recently though, he’s been showing the world that he’s more than just a hella funny guy who can act; he’s also incredibly passionate about music. Discovering Tyler Posey’s musical side was absolute Christmas level exciting for me.

Tyler Posey would’ve been the kid in high school who wasn’t part of the cool crowd of jocks and preps, but he would’ve been the kid I thought was cool. He would’ve been the mischievous bad ass who knew all the best emo punk bands that I loved. He’s covered Blink-182, Motion City Soundtrack, Bayside, and even the Beatles. He’s also recently started writing his own stuff again, and it’s kind of everything you could ever want it to be. He rocks and he does so effortlessly. He wears balling shirts and posts tons of Insta pics of him being goofy and weird, which I love. He’s just all about being himself, and he happens to be the coolest while doing it.

Tyler Posey Music

If you can’t get enough of him like me, check out his YouTube channel. There you’ll find a side of him often unseen; he’s so raw and open, and after every song he plays he shows off his deeper side with really sweet, encouraging words on life.

Galentine’s Day

Galentine's Day

The beautiful, the wise, the wonderful, Leslie Knope created this hallowed holiday on Valentine’s Eve, and I am so stoked to celebrate. For one, I love absolutely any reference to Parks and Rec and try very hard to incorporate this NBC series into my day to day life.

Celebrating Galentine’s Day is only made greater by the fact that it’s a day to celebrate your relationships with all the amazing gals in your life who have stood by you every Valentine’s Day, despite the changing lineup of men on those February 14th dates. I have amazing friends, and love to celebrate them. I am a feminist and think that women need to celebrate other women more often. This is an entire day dedicated to eating waffles with your besties and telling them that they are all incredible and amazing. Galentine’s Day is the real MVP, guys.


Westward Leaning Sunnies

I really don’t know what my deal is, but I can’t stop buying sunnies. It’s just that right now there are a lot of cool new styles and looks coming out to prep for Spring and Summer and I need them all before anyone else. I personally am a fan of looks that are a little mod or vintage inspired, and that seems to be a pretty popular trend right now as well, so I’m stoked and I keep snatching up every pair I see. I know it sounds like I’m making excuses, but honestly I’m buying so many because I also know I’ll lose at least three or four pairs over the course of one summer, and nothing is worse than packing for a weekend beach trip only to discover you’ve completely misplaced your shades. Sure, you can buy a new pair on the fly, but a pair of sunnies are a huge commitment. They go right on your face, front and center, they’ve gotta be a pair you really like. Don’t get caught this summer in bad sunglasses, buy a zillion pairs now before all the good ones are gone.

ModCloth Sunglasses

Data Mining


Maybe this is the weirdest thing ever to be obsessed with, but as you know, I’m a Parks and Rec fan, and if you’ve been following the show in its final season, you also know that its been satirizing Google and discussing data mining a lot lately.

On the show, Leslie and her wonderful group of coworkers turned comrades are not fans of data mining in the least; I, however, happen to find myself on the other side of the argument.

Here’s why:

I love technology. I love my phone. I love my computer. I love the Internet. And I love the endless capabilities of technology. I am dying for the day that wifi is just free all over the country. I’m serious, I have dreams about that day, and they are glorious. Technology is the bomb. Technology is what Hilary Duff was singing about.

A lot of people are afraid of data mining and the advances that go along with it. They’re uncomfortable with the idea that companies know where we are at all times or that they know what we’re looking at, watching, or listening to all the time. The thing is, this isn’t a new concept; it’s just that right now shows like Parks and Rec are getting the conversation about it going. In reality, iTunes has been tracking your music purchases forever; and as a result, Apple has been recommending other artists for you to check out. The Urban Outfitters ad that shows up at the bottom of this page informing you of their latest sale, is there because your browser is tracking everything you do and knows you go to urbanoutfitters.com all the time. When you open your Google Maps app to route directions to the new Thai place you’re meeting your friend for lunch, you don’t have to search for the address; it’s already there as a recommendation, just click and go, because you emailed your friend a review for the place last week from your Gmail account.

More Technology

The truth is, data mining and tracking and all of these technological advances are going to happen. More accurately, they’re already happening, but are undoubtedly going to become bigger, better, and if you’re viewing this from a pessimistic light, then yes, more intrusive. But I’m serious when I say, what is so wrong with Google knowing that I love Lara Bars and Vanessa Carlton songs? Honestly, what is so wrong with Google knowing that I get my coffee at the same Starbucks before church every Sunday? They’re not going to hurt me with that information. It’s going to be okay. We’re going to all have to get on this technology age bandwagon at some point, so we may as well hop on early. There’s a pretty decent selection of seats, the view’s not so bad, and if we get a killer deal on Birkenstocks because of it, then really, I think we’ll be alright.

Let me hear what you guys have to say. Are you just as obsessed with any of these things as me? Are you not a fan of any of my current favorite things? Tell me what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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