We all know I love The Bachelor, but what most of you probably don’t know, and may find hard to believe considering my current psychotic level of fanship, is that I honestly wasn’t a fan pre-Sean Lowe.

I watched a couple episodes during Emily’s season as The Bachelorette, and loved Sean, but I didn’t really buy into the show until he was the Bachelor. So naturally, when I heard he was writing a book, I shed tears of joy and happiness. Not exaggerating.

Okay, exaggerating just a little bit.

Sean Lowe

The point is, I love Sean Lowe, so he could have published a book that was nothing but football plays from his days at K State or dance steps from his time on Dancing With The Stars, and I would’ve needed it. I would’ve been the first in line to buy it; I would have read it, and I would have loved every minute of it.

Fortunately for the rest of the world, Sean Lowe did not publish a book of old football plays or dance steps. He published an incredible book, for all to read.

I can’t say it enough, this book isn’t just for die hard Bachelor fans hungry for some behind the scenes secrets, and it isn’t a book just for incredibly devout Christians looking for a book that glorifies God. It does have those things; there is a ton of insight into how the show works, and Sean’s main purpose in writing the book was to glorify God, but ultimately if you’re not looking for those things, you’ll still find within the pages of For The Right Reasons an awesome story of one man’s past struggles, triumphs, heartbreaks, and path to finding the woman of his dreams. In a nutshell, it’s worth the read no matter who you are.

Now, without giving too much away, I would like to talk about the main things I gleaned from the book.


Maybe I only saw this as a primary theme throughout For The Right Reasons because it’s something I’m facing in a million other parts of my life right now, but for me, the book almost immediately stressed this message. In the early pages of the book, Sean talks a lot about his life before The Bachelorette, and in those pages you learn that life wasn’t always as easy as it seems for Sean Lowe.

He had an average childhood, but he had his fair share of struggles and failures pre-Bachelorette and that’s something you rarely think about when you think of Sean Lowe. You see him as this ultimate reality tv star who is just winning at life right now, and you assume he’s had this incredibly charmed life, but that’s just not the case. He wasn’t happy with where he was in life before The Bachelorette, but he remained patient and faithful to God, and in the right timing he found himself in a completely new, exciting place in life.

Sean and Catherine

The theme of patience and timing doesn’t stop there. You see how devastated and broken Sean was after Emily rejected him, and you see how much happier he eventually is when he finds Catherine. It gets even better though. You also see how brokenhearted Desiree was when Sean sent her home, and as you read those words, you can’t help but think about how great she is with Chris, and about how beautiful their recent wedding was. Timing is everything guys. Patience leads you to the most amazing things. Even when you are certain that you have things figured out, you are sometimes wrong, and have to wait; the wait is always worth it though, just ask Sean Lowe.


Another message that flashes throughout the book like a glowing neon sign. If you watched Sean’s season of The Bachelor, you may recall Desiree’s brother and scorned contestant AshLee Frazier both calling Sean out as fake and a playboy, and that’s gotta be the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.

I’m not trying to call either of those people out, it’s just in every way possible, Sean Lowe has been nothing but genuine and transparent about who he is since being thrown into the spotlight. He openly talks about his faith and his choices without any hint of shame or hesitation. He’s comfortable with himself and the decisions he’s made, and that’s made all the more evident as he talks about his faith, as well as his silly, goofy personality, within the book.

Furthermore, you get to see a lot of Sean and Catherine’s progression toward love in the book than what you saw on tv on Monday nights, and every single instance Sean refers to as building on his attraction to Catherine is an instance of Catherine being one hundred percent herself. They’re all times when she had her walls down, and being herself, as well as making him feel like he was free to be himself, is ultimately what made Sean fall for her. There is a ton of evidence within the book to support these claims, but I don’t wanna give all the cute anecdotes away.

Goofy Sean and Catherine


On camera, we watched all-American, WASP Sean Lowe fall madly in love with quirky, vegan, Filipino Catherine Giudici. We watched them go on fairy tale dates, have a fairy tale proposal, and an even grander fairy tale wedding. In For The Right Reasons, Sean shows us another side of their relationship. Sean explains a list of difficult obstacles that are added to a relationship when its entire development is over such a short period of time, and in such a public light. In short, Sean shows us that everything wasn’t a cakewalk for him or Catherine. He doesn’t just complain about the hard times though, he tells of overcoming those obstacles, how they continue to overcome obstacles, and how they’ve grown as a result of those hardships. For The Right Reasons wasn’t written as an advice book for couples, but you can definitely get advice from it, and it’s inspiring and encouraging to see that even the most perfect of perfect relationships take a ton of work.

Sean and Catherine Wedding


I’m sure many Bachelor fans remember “grown sexy” as the primary, memorable component of Sean and Catherine’s January 2014 wedding, but ultimately I think it’s safe to say what’s really made their relationship work is that they included hologram Tupac on their save the dates. I’m pretty sure in the book Sean talks about how their ideal guest list also included Lil Wayne, Kanye and Kim, Rick Ross, and Miley Cyrus dressed as a unicorn, but all they could get was a Tupac endorsed invite. So if you can get any of them at your wedding, try that. It’s gotta be the recipe for a successful marriage. That’s definitely it. I’m definitely not making this up. You definitely do not need to read the book for yourself. This is definitely not reverse psychology in any way.

Want to read Sean’s book for yourself? Buy it here or miss out on greatness.

Are you guys looking forward to reading Sean’s book? Are you picking a copy up today on your way home from work? Or are you clicking that link to order one online right now? Have you already read the book? If so, what do you think? Without giving too much away, what were your favorite parts? Let me hear everything you’re thinking in the comments below.

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