the abc’s of indie pop: part III

Okay guys, I suck at life; I don’t have it together, but at least I’m willing to admit it, which is why it’s taken me months to get to part three of this series. I honestly intended to get through the entire alphabet relatively quickly, but I am incredibly talented in the art of putting things off forever. There are a lot of things I don’t finish, but for the sake of the maybe two people actually reading my music posts, I am determined to finish this.

With that being said, I expect some dedication from you in return, so if you haven’t read them already, head over to Parts One and Two of this series, and get ready for some great music.

Seriously, go read them. I’m not continuing until I know you’re fully committed to this too.

Okay, fine. Whatever, I’ll never actually know if you read all the parts to this series or not, so I’ll just get started.


is for KONGOS



I mentioned in Part One of this series that Echosmith is a family of siblings, but they’re not the only family band to make my list. KONGOS is made up of the four sons of John Kongos, a South African singer/songwriter.

CHECK OUT: I Want To Know

Everyone knows them for Come With Me Now, but these brothers have a lot more to offer than just one hit. I’m currently digging I Want to Know because it pretty much perfectly combines their inherently rock vibe with more South African, vaguely reggae influences to really showcase the full range of their sound and style.




The band hadn’t released anything since 2011 until their latest single Let It Ride surfaced last fall, but the band’s time off didn’t change their sound. Incredibly fun to dance to, meaningful lyrics, and a contemporary take on British Invasion-styled sound made this band great in the earlier 2000’s when they toured with OK Go and Hanson, and remain to make them great still. I for one would love to hear more from them again.




I love this band, end of story.

Just kidding, not actually all I’ve got to say. I discovered MisterWives over the summer when I got hooked on watching the MTV series Finding Carter all because I liked the opening song. After a quick search, I discovered MisterWives was responsible for the unique, catchy sound and was instantly a fan. The band’s lead singer, Mandy Leed, has such a distinct and beautiful voice and the band as a whole couples that with a creatively cool sound that goes just a little further than that of most bands today. Bonus, their first studio album is out February 24th.

CHECK OUT: Coffins

This song is a little slower than most of their stuff, but it’s deeply moving and beautiful. I find it incredible that a band whose overall sound is so 80’s electronic pop can create such haunting songs through the use of pointed, powerful lyrics. You can’t help but get wrapped up in the deep, dark words and you get a perfect taste of Mandy Leed’s amazing vocals.


New Politics

FUN FACT: The band is originally from Denmark, which was the inspiration behind the name of their upcoming album, Vikings.


I hesitated to call these guys “pop” because honestly a lot of their stuff is pretty hardcore, head banging punk, but Spotify called them pop, so I’m going with it.

Regardless of their sometimes questionable pop status, this band needs to be on this list because you need to know them. New Politics is made up of three incredibly cool, genuine guys who know how to put on a show. Their live performances are off the wall amazing. I went to a New Politics show to see the band opening for them, but left a die hard fan. These guys have this sort of indescribable energy that’s almost hypnotic in the way it makes you fall in love with the band. Between the anthemic, raging lyrics, the pulsing, screaming beats, and the outrageous stage posturing from frontman David Boyd, there’s no way not to love this band.


The Orwells

MOST POPULAR: Who Needs You 

A song that reminds you of everything a good punk rock band should be. Maybe it’s because the band’s members are just out of high school, but listening to this song takes me back to my high school days of just discovering that there was a world of incredible music outside of pop. And then as you continue to listen to this band, you can’t shake that nostalgic feeling as you dance along.

What’s the verdict, guys? In love with the bands I have listed? Disappointed that I left out one of your favorites? Who should I be checking out for the remaining letters for this series? Or who should I be listening to in general? Let me hear what you’re thinking in the comments below. 

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