the abc’s of indie pop: part I

If you’ve read almost any of my posts, you know I’m obsessed with fashion, Lena Dunham, and music, so it should come as no surprise that I would take it upon myself to educate the masses on what truly good music sounds like.

In a world where the radio is flooded with the likes of Justin Bieber and too many country crooners pretending they now know how to rap, someone needs to set the record straight. I’m compiling a list, from A to Z, to help you navigate your way through the overcrowded, chaotic sounds of our generation. Below you’ll find my first installment, giving you just a few bands great for dancing alone in your kitchen, singing in the shower, and holding concerts in your car.

Get ready to rock my friends.


A is for ALT-J


CHECK OUT: Hunger Of The Pines

The bands signature folk meets dub-pop sound, but with the surprise of Miley Cyrus on the track, makes this song such a unique arrangement it just exudes effortless cool and will make you seem cool if you listen to it.


The band’s name is inspired by the triangular Greek letter Delta (Δ) because when you press the alt and J buttons on a Mac, the Delta symbol is created. The letter symbolizes change in mathematical equations, which is how the members came up with the name, thus proving that all the best rock stars are also closet nerds, a sentiment I can truly appreciate.




Jack Antonoff, front man and mastermind behind the band, also helped produce three of the tracks on Taylor Swift’s newest album, 1989, and considers Taylor his “favorite collaborator.” When he’s not making new music for Bleachers, or as the guitarist for fun., Jack can be found wearing matching outfits with his sister, designer Rachel Antonoff.

LYRICS TO LOVE: Reckless Love

“I would burn my dreams away, just to stand in the thankless shadows of your reckless love.”

Bleachers’ debut album is full of modern day love songs, and this lyric nails down the most unwavering, selfless love perfectly. The love he’s singing about is beautiful, despite its brokenness, which is really kind of perfect because we’re all sort of broken in our own way, but the right person will love us despite that.

is for CHERUB

MOST POPULAR: Doses & Mimosas

A song that makes you feel like a total baller from a band with a unique sound drawing from the synth heavy 80’s with a weirdly hip-hop vibe thrown in too. Maybe that’s too weird of a comparison to make, really what do I know, just listen for yourself. You won’t regret it.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

CHECK OUT: If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On the Dancefloor)

The sound is inherently poppy and electric and makes you actually want to get on that dancefloor they’re talking about. Can’t stop listening. Can’t stop dancing. Someone help me. Take this song off repeat so I can continue on with my life… Actually all their songs pretty much make you feel that way.



FUN FACT: This is a band of four siblings and that’s adorable.

LYRICS TO LOVE: Come Together

“We’ve got big city dreams, but we don’t move from the asphalt. We run away from our own imagination, but at the same time we’ve got this amazing fascination.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a lyric ring so true to my life. I feel like they must literally be reading my mind. It’s such a timely lyric for so many post-college twenty-somethings. We’re all full of all these incredible ambitions, but we’re also paralyzed, unmoving on the asphalt, sometimes even sabotaging our own success as we run from what our hearts are telling us rather than risk the pain of failure.

 Love the bands I’ve listed? Tell me why. Not into the bands I’ve listed? Let me know who you’re listening to instead. Who do you think will show up in the second installment, letters F to J? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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