can I be an antonoff: looks and lyrics to make you love rachel + jack

Like Mary-Kate and Ashley before them, Rachel and Jack Antonoff are forging a path to long lasting fame with the help of their sibling counterpart. While not actually twins like the Olsens, the two do sometimes dress alike, an obvious testament to the closeness the two share.

They’re an incredibly cool fashion designer and musician in their own right, but the way they are constantly collaborating with one another makes them an even greater threat within the pop culture realm. Jack has helped produce and act in the videos Rachel uses to promote her line each season; Rachel promotes Jack’s music in those videos, and recently designed a new line of merchandise for Jack’s band Bleachers. Their lives are both overwhelmingly interesting and it’s plainly obvious that they’re both avid supporters of one another, of being true to yourself, and pursuing your passions.

Rachel and Jack Antonoff

Jack and Rachel being perfect, in matching Bleachers sweatshirts, the usual.

Since my hobbies include trying to be Jack Antonoff, or at least meet him, it was only a matter of time before a post like this surfaced on my blog. Below you’ll find some of my favorite Rachel Antonoff looks over the years coupled with some of my favorite Bleachers’ lyrics explained.

RA Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Collection

“And I know the love you gave feels cheap and used, and I know it’s getting harder, and I know the lights have all gone dark on you” – Shadow

It’s so dark and deep, and I cried listening to Shadow as I tried to pick my favorite part of it. The truth is, the entire song is really meaningful, but I especially connect with this lyric because of the hopelessness that it illustrates. All the lights have gone dark, the brightness and optimism you once clung to has disappeared and when you look out at your life, a dark dismal abyss stares back at you. You’ve put your heart and your trust into others so many times, and it’s never payed off. You’re hurting and you’re hopeless. If I had to guess, I would assume Jack wrote the song for his life partner, Lena Dunham, and its meaning is that essentially no matter how terrible she feels about herself, he loves even her shadow.

RA Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Collection

“So put the shotgun back in the glove, come on and wait another year for that dream far away to come home, to be brave.” – Wild Heart

Again, Jack captures such a hopelessness that I personally really relate to, and associate with being in your twenties and so uncertain of what the future holds; but there’s optimism and encouragement in his words, saying not to give up on your dreams despite how far away they may seem. It’s very much the type of lyric that talks you off of life’s many metaphorical ledges right when you’re about to throw in the towel and just jump, or maybe even the type of lyric that keeps you from contemplating jumping off an actual ledge because you just feel that broken inside.

RA Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Collection

“Now I’m running and I can’t stop, I don’t wanna go. I think about it every day and night, I can’t let go.” – Rollercoaster

There’s a frenzied, madness to the beat of this song, and when you watch the video you feel that chasing after something that’s just out of reach feeling too. This lyric epitomizes that feeling. It’s just the perfect illustration of that hunger and passion that I think we feel for so much of life in our twenties; but it’s in this feverish sort of way where we’re so hungry for any sort of achievement or measure of success that it becomes an also demented, haunting obsession. And yes, I get that that’s a lot to pull from a song with a music video that’s just a group of guys chasing after a pretty girl while driving an ice cream truck, but I still think it goes a lot deeper than that.

RA Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Collection

“I’d rather be sad with you than anywhere away from you, and hey, I can’t believe I captured your heart.” – Wake Me

Searching for the world’s most perfect love song? Look no further. The whole song is so obviously written for Lena, and I’ve read enough articles and interviews to know Jack wrote this song while on fun.’s world tour because he missed those he was close to back home. LENA DUNHAM. But seriously, the words are so honest and eloquent. He’s admitting what a privilege it is to be able to hold her heart in his hands and have her as his own best friend. He’s saying even the very worst day with her is better than any day he could imagine with anyone else. I think everyone deserves a love like that, and love any song that so openly celebrates it.

RA Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Collection

“I will find any way to your wild heart.” – Wild Heart

In case it isn’t painfully obvious since I used the song twice, Wild Heart is above and beyond my favorite Bleachers song. But how could it not be when the whole song is full of lyrical wisdom? I like to think this line is basically meant for me, like on some very karmic, God given level this line was written to make me smile. I understand that’s not the case, but I often refer to myself as being a nomad at heart, in love with adventure, unable to be tamed, misunderstood; I have a wild heart. And while I’m perpetually single, I like to think there’s someone out there that has that same wild heart and thirst for life that I do, as if we’re two sides of the same coin, like Jack and Lena, and so there’s this guy out there that’s doing anything he can to find his way to me. It’s cheesy, lame, and embarrassingly naive to admit, but I just think the guy out there finding his way to my wild heart will get it.

That’s it. Now you get it. The Antonoff siblings are insanely talented. Plus did you notice all the cool people Rachel has used to model? These two are incredible, and only getting bigger. Here’s to sibling power!

Love Rachel Antonoff’s designs? What are your favorites from her collections? Love Jack Antonoff’s music? What are your favorite Bleachers’ songs or other songs he’s had a hand in creating? Know other incredibly cool siblings forging a path for lasting fame. Let me know so I can check them out. Tell me all your thoughts in the comments below. 

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