tuesday night tv thoughts

Alternate titles for this post:

  • I Have No Life: Two Days, Two TV Posts
  • How A Girl Copes With Her Nonexistent Social Life
  • How’s Your Parasocial Relationship Going?

Tuesday nights are pretty great. On a typical fall Tuesday, one can watch The Flash for a dose of the adorable Grant Gustin and all your action packed needs, and then watch New Girl to make you laugh until you’ve completely forgotten how stressed you were over your distrust for Dr. Wells, whom you all better hate. It’s the best of both worlds. Why have friends when you can pretend Jess and her roommates are your best pals? Why go for a run or do any sort of exercise when Barry is running plenty for all of us? It’s like, “wow, you survived Monday and Tuesday. You deserve a medal, but since we can’t give you all a medal every week here’s an hour and a half of television instead. Grab a blanket, a fresh roll of cookie dough, and settle in.”

A word of advice: don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers because below I’ve recounted a few of my stream of consciousness thoughts while parked on the couch last night.

The Flash  8:00 pm Flash vs ArrowThe Flash

I hate Eddie. He’s so stiff and dull and not Barry.

Gahhh, Grant Gustin is bae.

Why can’t Barry and Felicity be together?

Why can’t Oliver and Felicity be together?


*Oliver’s baby mama shows up* Holy…oh my…can’t deal…too much awkward.

*Literally nothing interesting happens with Ollie’s baby mama* Surely they’ll address this on Arrow right? Right???

Can we kill Dr. Wells yet?

Cisco is everything in this world. Why isn’t everyone laughing at his clever jokes?

OH MY GOD! I’m scared.

Psych, I wasn’t that scared. I totally knew that was gonna be Robbie. So obvious CW, so obvious.

New Girl  9:00 pm Girl Fightblogpost4.1


OMG Coach is killing this episode…because he has sisters.

*Winston’s arms are stuck, so he can’t turn the page* *dies of laughter*

“And I’m a big smart smart” *more laughter*

Sweater shoulder *does sweater shoulder motion to try it out* *does sweater should motion out in public with friends* *no longer has friends*

I like this relationship for Nick. I also hate this relationship for Nick because I’ll always be #TeamNickandJess. I am so uncertain. She just paid him. HE’S A FREAKING PROSTITUTE NOW. But he just made a joke about it, so maybe not. THIS IS WEIRD.

“I think I’ll name baby Baby because it’s funny” It is actually really funny.

“I’m just gonna bring some extra blankets” *picks up newspaper* Help me, can’t stop laughing.

“We’ve known each other for 20 years and you’re still my favorite person to talk to.” *cries* *dies*

*Stays dead until Wednesday because there’s more tv to be watched.*

Until next time my friends. Let me know what you thought of this week’s The Flash or New Girl in the comments below. Who’s your favorite character? What do you think will happen now that Robbie is back as a flaming metahuman? Not a fan of The Flash or New Girl? Let me know what shows you can’t get enough of. 


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