looks and lyrics to make you love haim

I’ll be heading to Norfolk, VA this weekend for an awesome concert, so expect tons of posts and pics next week from my trip. In the mean time, let’s talk about Haim, one of the bands I’ll be seeing this Saturday.


The three Haim sisters, Este, Danielle, and Alana, are absolute rock stars. If you don’t immediately think their interesting because of their cool names, you’re probably named something annoyingly common, like John or Tim. You probably went by Ashley M. your entire schooling career because there were four Ashleys in your class. Get over your common name, and fall in love with Haim.

If you’re not already listening, check out the bands slightly 70s, folk rock sound. Their distinctly cool sound isn’t even the half of it though. They’re also one of the coolest bands on the scene for their refusal to accept the title of “a girl band,” their badass lyrics and delivery, and their too cool for school style. 

Heavy on the black, heavy on the leather, and of course, heavy on the talent, these members of Haim are the perfect fashion inspiration. Their looks are edgy, yet laid back, with a vibe of effortless cool.

Here I’ve compiled a few of my favorite looks and a few of my favorite lyrics to make you fall head over black ankle boots in love with this band.

Danielle in Cranberry

“Always keep your heart locked tight, don’t let your mind retire” – The Wire

This is compelling stuff guys. It’s a very “single in your twenties” way of thinking, which I am always quite fond of. It also aligns perfectly with the punk, dgaf vibe of Haim because it’s basically saying don’t let your feelings show. As someone with a million walls up, I applaud any lyric telling me to lock my heart away and ignore all my feelings.

Este's Teal Skirt

“Honey, I’m not your honey pie.” – My Song 5

I get it, this isn’t some incredibly deep, moving, or even a very long lyric, but there’s something in the delivery that I can never get enough of. It’s sassy and fierce, and always makes me feel like I don’t need a man. Female empowerment is fun.

Alotta Black

“Don’t stop, no it’s never enough. I’ll never look back, never give up, and if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough.” – Forever

The entire song Forever has the type of sound and message that creates this kind of panicked, feverish frenzy within me; the kind of feeling that just makes me wanna punch something and make all my dreams come true. It’s the kind of song I really dig. This line is a perfect example of that feeling, but my favorite part of it is “if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough.” At first I couldn’t really put any meaning to that, but then I started to realize that for me it’s saying that when you’re chasing after something you really want and it gets tough, you’ve got to rise to the occasion, even if that means playing a little rough to get what you want.

Alana's Vintage Batman Tank

“Back when you were mine, I was too young to know you were the one to find.” – If I Could Change Your Mind

This song addresses a lot of regret for a ruined relationship, and it makes me want to cry. It’s the Taylor Swift-esque track of the album, and I love that about it. The thing about this lyric that I love so much is the way it blames youth on not knowing what you have when you have it. I can relate in a million cases, and songs that remind me of the relationships and people I took for granted, or tossed aside, when I was younger because I didn’t realize how important they were really breaks me. Growing up, and realizing how much you’ve messed up, is tough in that way.


Now you get it, right? They exude cool on this whole new level that I can’t even begin to fathom. Their songs are catchy, clever, and emotional. Everything about them says, “you don’t wanna mess with me,” yet you immediately want more than anything to be their best friend.

Tell me which Haim looks are your faves and what their lyrics mean to you in the comments below. And let me know about any other rocking bands that I need to hear. 

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