my ovaries are on fire

As a part time nanny, I’m more than used to whole “hot dad effect.”

You all know exactly what I’m talking about, take a kid to the park, dilf by the slide, dilf by the swings, here a dilf, there a dilf, everywhere you look there’s a hella fine dad. It’s unfair to singles in their twenties everywhere that all these men are taken.

But let me tell you right now, I’m going to set the record straight. Guys, listen up, you can benefit from this too. You can step up your game tenfold with this one little blog post. There is nothing more attractive than a hot guy holding a baby. Puppies are nice; flowers are nice; big muscles, great smiles, sexy, scruffy beards, all very nice; but they don’t hold a candle to a baby. I repeat, holding a baby makes men instantly a million times hotter. *mic drop*

Just kidding. Picking the mic back up to explain.

Here is a picture of a man holding a baby.

JJ O'Brien

Below is a basic, general reaction that any woman would have to seeing this sort of picture.It’s completely normal, and in no way an exaggeration.

*Scrolling through Instagram*

Chokes on coffee. Can’t breathe in the middle of Starbucks. 

Must screenshot this. Must make this screenshot my phone background. Oh my gawdddd. Still unable to breathe.

Sends picture to mother. This is what it will look like when your first grandchild is born. I’m in love. Let’s set a wedding date, something in the spring. Starts to regain breath, looks at picture again. No oxygen is getting to lungs. Leaves Starbucks. The emotion is too strong, and you can’t cry in this coffee shop again.

It’s like my ovaries are on fire with the desire to mother his children. Lord help me. My uterus wants his progeny inside of it. My womb is welcome.

It’s inexplicable. Their should be a medical study on it. Doctors could show barren women this photo and suddenly they’d be producing the most fertile of eggs.

Sends group chat of best friends this picture, no explanation necessary. Their reproductive systems are alight with the passion for procreation now too.

Spends hours perfectly photoshopping self into picture. Cries tears of joy. 

End of explanation. No further evidence needed. Babies are powerful my friends, very powerful.

Agree or disagree: are babies really the most powerful pickup tool for a guy? Is this the hottest picture you’ve ever seen? What are your thoughts and what makes a guy instantly attractive? Tell me what you’re thinking in the comments. 

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